Rock & Asphalt Products/Services

Rock & Asphalt Product/Services

Kernen Construction provides a wide variety of rock and asphalt products. Recycle base, Rip Rap of all sizes and screened quarry rock is available at our Glendale Yard near Blue Lake and also at the Miranda site. Asphalt concrete, washed aggregate and sand are available at our Hatchery Road facility.

Our portable crushing equipment is capable of producing up to 3000 tons per day of aggregate base and other rock products. We maintain current air resources board permits to operate our crusher throughout California. We are also licensed drilling and blasting contractors and have all the necessary permits for blasting.

We produce and sell recycled aggregate base at our Glendale facility. At no charge, we will take your asphalt, bricks, glass and ceramics (toilets, sinks, etc.) and crush them for aggregate base.  The products meet all specifications for Caltrans class 2 aggregate base. We received an award in 2004 from Humboldt County Environmental Health for our recycling programs.

Awarded Humboldt County Division of Environmental Health Certificate of Award for Waste Reduction Activities
for our recycling of waste concrete and asphalt

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